Make your processes comprehensible for everybody with version 7.2!

The product release 7.2 is out and will be available as an on-premise version during the next days! Users can benefit from further possibilities in the field "naming" of the modeling conventions.

As the only tool on the market the Signavio Process Editor checks events, activities and XOR gateways on their correct naming in German and English. From our Wiki you may already know that the term "Release order" is much more useful for the correct execution of the process than just "order".

If you will name an event in a process diagram with "order" and test your conventions via mouse click, this error will be highlighted. The Signavio Process Editor is now able to control whether the specified target values ​​are maintained in the naming. Your company will benefit from this feature in a direct way, considering that your business processes are unambiguous and easy to understand for all involved. Are you using the Signavio Process Editor on-premise with a Signavio Server installed on a Linux system?

Even in this case, you can connect it to a Microsoft Active Directory ® from now on! Just contact us if you want to know more about this. You will find all details regarding our new version as usual in our release notes: Changes in Version 7.2.