Are you looking for a challenging job in IT, marketing or sales? There are numerous advantages to working for Signavio, here are five of the best reasons for applying to work with us:

Exciting tasks from the start

Is it the taking part that counts? We think there’s more to it than that! Here at Signavio you become an important member of the team from the start and are given a high level of responsibility. You’ll have the chance to reach your full potential and gain new experiences every day as part of an international team of more than 200 employees.

Jump right into things, rather than just standing on the side lines

Our locations in Berlin, California, and Singapore represent progress and growth. World famous giants in management, marketing and IT are working successfully in all of these locations. Companies like Siemens, Apple and Google have a huge influence on the market. And Signavio is a part of it!

You want to be flexible? That works for us.

At Signavio we all work together to create products that inspire people. So we think work should be fun too! For this reason we offer flexible working hours and a great working environment.

Working in the heart of Berlin

There’s no chance you’ll get bored, not just at Signavio but in the German capital city. With our office based in the centre of City West, Berlin, we’re offering you a very attractive location. The city is open minded, has a fascinating history and the best sights around. You’ll have everything at your fingertips.

Growing with Signavio

Signavio is becoming increasingly international. We are taking part in a wide variety of events in Austria, Switzerland, the UK, France, the USA, Asia and Australia and have customers in all of these locations. Our instinct for new markets and trends is just helping us progress further. Why not become a part of it?

So what is BPM actually?

There is more to BPM than meets the eye and the topic is far from boring. Just have a look at our video and discover the world of Business Process Management! You’ll learn what’s behind the term as well as get an exciting look into our company and some of our employees. We know you’ll find it useful!