The telecommunications industry is defined by complexity, in service delivery, development and maintenance of infrastructure, deployment of new technology, ensuring customer satisfaction, and more. With increasing regulatory demands and a highly competitive market added into the mix, telecom companies are looking for the right solution to respond to these challenges.

Streamline your telecom company’s operations with Signavio

“The top three challenges for the industry are disruptive competition, an uncertain regulatory environment, and a lack of organizational agility.” - Ernst & Young

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite offers a powerful, flexible software tool allowing telecoms to rapidly and drastically simplify their operations, build internally consistent process frameworks and decision-making structures, and develop a better understanding of customer expectations.

With Signavio, convergent operators can ensure their business functions smoothly and consistently across each of their product offerings, from fixed-line and mobile, to entertainment and digital. You can master the complexity inherent in your business, and bring your technological innovations to the market faster than ever.

At the same time, Signavio can help you reach a deeper level of customer understanding. Get the insights you need to integrate your products and services perfectly into your customers’ daily lives, and clearly differentiate from your competition.

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite is the ideal management tool for telecom companies, with a proven company 123% ROI, according to the latest Forrester Total Economic Impact report.

Signavio: the common source of process truth for telecom companies

Signavio understands that telecommunications companies need to get the most out of their processes in order to safeguard their competitive advantage—and we have the technology to help.

Radically Simplify Your Internal Processes

Signavio can help telecommunications companies model cut down on complexity and standardize their current processes, from new customer onboarding, to billing, to service requests. Discover a more efficient way of operating, save time and money straight away, then use Signavio to embed internal process improvements over the long term.

7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Build a Single Seamless System

Telecom companies deal with systems every day: billing, ERP, CRM, logistics, point-of-sales, and more. All too often these systems are set up and act independently of each other, with no effective communication between them. Signavio can change all this, helping you standardize processes across your entire organization, and different geographic locations as well. Assess the usefulness of your legacy systems, and control your entire supply chain with a clear overview of every process within it.

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Get to Know Your Customers

Customers are more educated and knowledgeable than ever; sometimes it can feel like telecom companies are playing catch-up as customers continually redefine their own trends. With Signavio, you can ensure you have the inside scoop on your customers before your competitors do. Use customer journey mapping to understand exactly how your customers interact with your business, offer them the right service package at the right time, and ensure they get consistently high service at every touchpoint. Make the switch to a customer-centric mindset today!

What is a Customer Journey Map, and Why Do You Need One?

Enhance Your Risk & Compliance

Build a stable and consistent process environment across your entire organization, meaning compliance violations can be detected and risks responded to rapidly. Use Signavio to strengthen your existing risk & compliance framework, react quickly to any regulatory changes inspired by new technology, and automate your reporting obligations to banish complex manual reporting forever.

7 Step Guide to Risk & Compliance

Scale Up Your Automation

Looking to tailor billing reminders to specific customer groups, and send them automatically, with no human intervention required? Signavio can help lay the groundwork for process automation, helping you cut down on repetitive work, reduce human error, and detect and eliminate incidences of non-compliant process behavior. Signavio supports you to optimize existing processes in preparation for RPA implementation, as well as analyze your business processes to identify future automation opportunities.

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Agile telecom companies use Signavio for their business transformation

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To remain relevant, effective and dynamic in a market characterized by constant change, telecom companies need Signavio. No other software solution combines process and decision management with advanced process mining capabilities and customer journey mapping.

Discover the potential of your own processes, with the help of a cloud-based software solution that combines process modeling with automation and analysis, meaning you benefit from real-time information on how your business actually works.

Our extensive list of resources at the bottom of this page provides further practical insights to help you thrive in an environment of strong, international disruption and competition.

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