Signavio Workflow 3.11 & 3.12 (SaaS)

septembre 1st 2016

Recent releases from the Signavio Workflow team, as part of Signavio Workflow’s regular update schedule

As mentioned in the 10.2 release announcement, Signavio Business Decision Manager users can now execute business rules in Signavio Workflow, by linking a BPMN 2.0 process model to a DMN 1.1 business rules model. Rules execution isn’t the only thing that’s new in Signavio Workflow.

Product updates

The recent Signavio Workflow 3.11 (SaaS) release introduces several major new features that give you new ways to improve your workflow automation.

  • DMN Rule Task - Decision Model & Notation (DMN 1.1) business rules execution, so you can simplify your workflows by extracting complex business logic into a separate model.
  • Sub-process outputs - for capturing the result of executing a sub-process using the built-in sub-process action. You can use this to simplify your workflows by extracting well defined parts into a separate process that has its own owner.
  • Data connectors configuration - for integrating Signavio Workflow with external data sources.
  • Data connector form fields - for using external data sources to populate pick lists on your workflow’s forms with dynamic data from external systems.

As well as these new features, the latest release adds error message improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Documentation additions

To go with the new Signavio Workflow release, several user guide updates explain the new features, plus a new tutorial to help you get started.

As always, you can also find a summary of the latest changes in the application’s settings menu, by selecting ‘About Signavio Workflow’.