SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub: Changes in Version 3.0.1 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

We introduced several improvements for viewing diagrams

  • You can view the complete diagram with one click.
  • The default zoom factor for diagrams is now 100%, diagrams are no longer minimized to fit the screen.
  • The diagram area now has a fixed height and width.
  • You can now drag a diagram to view element details better.
  • Zoom in and out improvements: 
    • Keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of a diagram.
    • The zoom in and out function is now more reactive and is enhanced by a slider.
    • When you click an element, it keeps its size
    • We added a minimap so you can now easier pick the area in which you want to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Touch screen users can now use gestures to zoom in and out of diagrams, select elements and move diagrams.
  • If you collapse interface elements, for example the side bar or the details panel, they stay collapsed until you expand them again.
  • We improved the full screen mode. Now, the full screen area is used and functions like the preview panel are still accessible while the mode is active.
  • To understand diagrams, you can open a legend with explanations of the different BPMN elements.

The new process level feature lets you easily navigate through process hierarchies 

  • The current process level is indicated, above diagrams and in the preview panel. 
  • You can navigate directly to other processes in the hierarchy.
  • The process levels are calculated based on the shortest path. If a process is referenced in other paths, its linking processes are listed for a complete overview. 
  • You can navigate to other related processes that are not part of the current hierarchy.
  • You can open all diagrams of the hierarchy on the shortest path to the top level.

The function is described in detail in the user guide.

There are new settings to manage this function:

  • Workspace administrators can set the starting level for process hierarchies to 0 or 1. Starting levels can be assigned per audience.
  • Workspace administrators can also hide process levels for the workspace or per audience.  See user guide for details.

We have updated the complete Settings section that is accessible for workspace administrators

  • We have added a Save button for all changes, changes are no longer immediately applied.
  • It's now possible to manage the visibility of ungrouped attributes. See user guide for details.
  • You can hide or show the following diagram data per audience:
    • level
    • revision
    • last updated
    • last author

Modeling users now have a better overview about diagram statuses in Preview mode

  • When you publish or unpublish a diagram, the revision number is visible in the dialog. 
  • On the diagram page and in the directory table, labels show the status of a diagram:
    • Draft: content that does not have a published revision
    • Modified: content that has a published revision but newer version exists and is not published yet
    • In approval: content that has a running approval workflow
    • Approved: content that is approved but not published yet
    • Published: content that is published in its latest revision

Fixed Bugs

  • Diagrams that were restored from trash did no longer show up in Collaboration Hub, even if they were published. We’ve fixed this.
  • Occasionally a notification panel was blinking and did not open on click, we’ve fixed this.

Note: These are features and bug fixes for the new Collaboration Hub that is part of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. Bug fixes for the classic Collaboration Hub are listed in the SAP Signavio Process Manager release notes.