Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.4.0 (SaaS)

New & Improved Features

  • Customizable PDF Exports. The header and footer sections of PDF exports can now be customized. Besides general information (e.g. author or publishing date), you can add up to 18 distinguishing attributes to the diagram level. You can even add your own logo to each document page.
  • Value Chains now considered in the  “Process characteristics with element details” reports. Capture all attributes in the process chain with this extended feature, and open the exported reports in MS Excel  to obtain detailed metrics on all model elements.
  • The Signavio Sharepoint Connector is now available for Microsoft Sharepoint 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  • Automatically Resized Text Boxes: Text boxes for elements like BPMN events, gateways, and connectors now adjust according to the amount of text, and shows the text as it will appear in the diagram.
  • The “element details” print view now includes all attributes from an element.
  • BMPN 2.0 specification conformance classes (descriptive conformance, analytic conformance, and common executable conformance) subsets are available for BPMN 2.0 Process diagrams. Activate these subsets via the “Define notations/ attributes” Setup tab from the Explorer view.
  • Users are now notified at login if JavaScript and cookies are not enabled in the web browser when using the Process Editor.
  • Signavio Server API now generates a graphical SVG representation if one is not sent when creating or changing diagrams.
  • Bug Fixes

    • If a modeler adds a comment to a diagram, and an older version of that diagram is published, the comments are shown twice to persons invited to comment on the diagram.
    • Dictionary entries from sub-categories in “Organization” are not considered in the report “Responsibility reporting matrix/ RACI”.
    • In some cases, an error occurs when using the “create free space” tool, requiring the Editor to reload. No other elements move other than the bend points.
    • Some errors, mistakes, and hints of the modeling convention are shown on the elements, but not in the list.
    • Occasionally, the Signavio Sharepoint Connector does not authenticate guests.
    • The Signavio Sharepoint Connector web widget added a white region below the Collaboration Portal when using Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.
    • In certain cases, spaces are missing between words in the process documentation (i.e. Microsoft Word).
    • In certain cases, line breaks, headers and footers are not rendered correctly in the process documentation (Microsoft Word).
    • At times, bend points move when changing the size of a BPMN Lane.