SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 14.8.0 (SaaS)

Please note that this software release is deployed to our different systems, and over the next few days. You can check the  current software version in the help menu.

With the 14.8.0 release of SAP Signavio Process Manager, we introduced the following new functions and bug fixes:

Fixed Bugs

  • We’ve fixed the export of BPMN diagrams to XML:
    • The export no longer excludes condition expressions for sequence flows. Now, condition expressions are only excluded from the export for default flows.
    • If the attributes “Expression language” and “Evaluates to type” are empty, they are no longer exported.
    • For default flows, the editor now hides the attributes “Condition expression”, “Expression language”, and “Evaluates to type”.
  • When exporting DMN diagrams in which the top level multi instance decision has multiple output columns, incorrect Drools code was generated. We’ve fixed this.