Signavio: Changes in version 12.12.0 (On-premises)

The 12.12.0 on-premise release of SAP Signavio Process Manager contains the features and bug fixes of the following software-as-a-service releases, including the following bug fixes of the SaaS 12.13.0 version:

Important notes

  • You can only update your on-premises installation from version 11.14.5 and later. If you use an earlier on-premises version, update to version 11.14.5 first.
  • Due to database changes you cannot update directly from version 9.2.x or earlier to version 12.12.0. If you want to update from version 9.2.x or earlier, contact Signavio Customer Support.
  • On-premises administrators can now enable single sign-on via SAML. Additionally, the login via SAML is automatically triggered when visiting any SAP Signavio Process Manager URL.
  • On-premises administrators can now configure the in-memory cache in order to improve performance. Read more in the admin guide section about configuring SAP Signavio Process Manager.

With the 12.12.0 on-premises release of SAP Signavio Process Manager, we also released Signavio Process Governance version 3.85.

This release contains all the features and bug fixes of the following software-as-a-service releases:

Important notes

  • If you are using Signavio Process Governance together with SAP Signavio Process Manager, check the compatibility list to make sure the systems’ versions are compatible with each other. We recommend updating both systems to the latest available versions.
  • You cannot update directly from version 3.4.x or earlier to version 3.85. Read more about this in the update note for version 3.22.
  • We recommend that you update to Node.js 10.x LTS.
  • If you are using a custom data connector, verify that the data provided by the connector matches the data type and data format specified by your connector descriptor. Malformed data is no longer accepted.

New with this release:

  • Improved overall performance
  • Shorter initial loading time
  • Improved search function, with comments now included in the search
  • The look and feel of the comment section was improved. It is now easier to follow a dialog, and see uploaded documents in context.

Note that Process Intelligence is only available as Saas version.