Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.41 (SaaS)

25 septembre 2017

New / Improved Features

  • The new intermediate link event allows the user to trigger follow-up processes, which will not block the current case from terminating.
  • Links to sub cases are no longer removed from a case when the sub case has terminated.
  • Selected process and task filters are now stored separately for each of the user’s organizations.
  • New case view: The case refreshes the task list after completing a task.
  • New case view: The case view now allows to close and delete cases.

Fixed Bugs

  • Choice options could contain duplicate values.
  • Unsupported field types could be selected for filter conditions in reports.
  • Mandatory link fields accepted whitespaces as valid input.
  • Money fields didn’t accept zero as a proper input.
  • Dynamic form conditions prevented field values from resetting properly if form fields were hidden.
  • The calendar stream event showed an error message if no calendar entry could be created.
  • New case view: Decision buttons in forms didn’t work properly.