Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.8.0 (SaaS and On-Premise)

23 février 2014


New & Improved Features

  • ArchiMate®: A well-defined Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps translate business strategies into competitive advantage. Advance your organization’s agility with a completely web-based ArchiMate® and BPM modeling tool from Signavio. Keep your business processes closely aligned with your organization’s EA within The Open Group’s Architecture Framework (TOGAF®).
  • Dictionary permissions: It is now possible to grant modelers with write permissions to the dictionary. Each dictionary subcategory (e.g Activities, Events, IT Systems, etc) will reflect the permissions of the dictionary unless specific ones have been set for the subcategory.
  • Modeling Conventions: Given a maximum diagram size is defined in the modeling conventions, the automatic check will outline the maximum diagram size with dashed lines after you attempt to save.
  • Activity Feed: Navigating through the activity feed is much easier now that it is possible to open documents that you would like to revise directly from the feed.
  • Diagram Saving: If you are saving a new diagram in the Signavio Process Editor, you are now able to select the folder in which the diagram will be saved.
  • Email notification updates:
    • Modifications to the “Event Summary of Your Workspace” section now emphasize object changes allowing for a better overview of updates.
    • Those invited to comment on a diagram can also elect to receive email updates of comments made to the diagram. The individual will receive a single email that includes the notifications for all diagrams and their respective changes. These individuals invited can also access the diagram via a link in the email.
  • BPMN data object status descriptions will now be wrapped automatically depending on the size of the element.
  • The “create free space” function works much more smoothly with larger diagrams.
  • BPMN 2.0 XML Exports: The model revision ID was added as a Signavio specific “extensionElement”.
  • While modeling, it is now possible to create new dictionary sub-category entries.

Fixed Bugs

  • When pasting an entry to an attribute field (such as a description) in QuickModel, the first entered letters do not copy into the field.
  • When using the “create free space” function, the canvas does not enlarge automatically so the pools and lanes extend beyond the current view.
  • In certain cases, process diagrams cannot be simulated even though there are no syntactic or semantic mistakes.
  • The Microsoft Excel simulation report results do not apply the chosen currency.
  • When copying diagram elements from one model to another in different browser tabs, pasting is not an option.
  • In some cases, comments are not shown in the editor because of improperly encoded signs.
  • Signavio archive does not import in every instance.
  • If long phrases are used to describe “Risks and Controls” an error occasionally appears when creating the “Risks and Controls” report.
  • In certain cases, deleting a random diagram element shifts the BPMN message flows in the diagram.
  • There are times when larger diagrams are not arranged correctly in the PDF-Export and in the process documentation.
  • The attribute “called element” of collapsed sub-processes on BPMN diagrams cannot be edited.
  • When creating a new process from a collapsed sub-process and reusing the name, umlauts are not shown correctly.
  • BPMN 2.0 Import/ Export:
    • Task types (e.g. manual task) are not imported.
    • End Error Events in embedded sub-processes are not exported correctly.
    • When a BPMN 2.0 XML document does not contain the attribute “isHorizontal” (defines the modeling direction) the value “true” is falsely adopted.
    • If a process diagram with linked sub-processes is exported, the elements “Lane” and “LaneSet” of the sub-processes are not included.