Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 6.7.0

3 février 2013

New/improved Functions

  • Modeling conventions: With this feature you can check if diagrams stick to certain rules regarding notation set, labeling, process structure and diagram layout. This check can be displayed while modeling (or saving). Additionally, a modeling conventions report can be generated. The Corporate Edition offers the Signavio Best Practices modeling convention. The Ultimate Edition provides additionally the definition of custom modeling conventions.
  • It is now possible to define a default value for custom attributes of the type « drop down ». This value is used in case no other value has been set for the corresponding process element.
  • Responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) repport: Message flows are now included.
  • When copying diagrams, linked diagrams can now be included. Exceptions are diagrams that are linked via a PBMN 2.0 CallActivity.
  • RACI labels on association flows in the Netherlands version of Signavio are very long. For layout reasons those labels contain now line breaks.
  • Only regarding Enterprise Edition:
    • The user management dialog now contains a link to create new users.

Fixed Bugs

  • Custom process documentation templates: In some cases layouting attributes are not applied to the whole component.
  • When defining an attribute « number » the minimal value can’t be zero.
  • After editing a diagram in the default language and copying an element, the element’s text is not displayed.
  • When displaying the comments on an element at the upper margin of the canvas, the comment list might exceed the visible area.
  • The Internet Explorer 8 cannot display diagrams in the process portal if the process element subset used in the diagram has been deleted before.
  • If a diagram contains a very long documentation, the diagram preview in the process explorer is not visible anymore.
  • When using the Internet Explorer 8 in the process portal, the clickable area of diagram elements is displaced.
  • When using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 in the process portal the folder structure can not be displayed correctly.
  • When using event based gateways in BPMN choreography diagrams a syntax error might be displayed without a valid reason.
  • In some cases spaces are deleted in description texts after saving.
  • BPMN 2.0 XML Import: After importing, attached intermediates events might be displayed at a wrong position.
  • While naming diagram elements, pressing the tabulator key can create a link to the first suggested dictionary entry.
  • In some cases the enlargements of a diagram element can lead to overlapping sequence flows.
  • Text formatting options don’t work for labels of edges.
  • Re-placing a pool on a newly enlarged canvas can lead to wrongly placed break points of sequence flows.
  • Risks and controls: Creating an empty control for a risk causes the risk to be interpreted as « controlled ».
  • Saving a new diagram in the QuickModel editor fails, if it was opened through a sub process.
  • In some cases list in description texts are displayed as enumerations in the process portal.
  • The list of users in the « Invite to edit » dialog is not sorted alphabetically.
  • Links to external documents are wrongly encoded if the URL contains certain special characters. Thus it is not possible to open these URLs.
  • User with reading permissions can upload and delete documents in some cases.
  • In some cases it is not possible to restore diagrams from the trash bin.
  • The import of a Signavio Archive file might fail, if dictionary entries have to be overwritten or if dictionary entries do not contain a translation of their labels.
  • When using Google Chrome the beginnings and endings of BPMN 2.0 sequence flows are not displayed in a BPMN 2.0 specific way.
  • Adding an external link containing an apostrophe to an custom list attribute if the « document/URL » will cause an error, so the insertion dialog will not work anymore.