Documentation of public benefits and processes.

eCH-0073 standard contains the definition of unique documentation guidelines for a professional recording of processes in Switzerland. By an excellent documentation of processes in public administrations, the common understatement of intern workflows is promoted. Also, consistently documented processes represent an excellent decision platform for undertaking process improvements.

In Switzerland, eCH-0073 has to be an obligatory implication. It is constructed by three documents, defining the description elements on one hand as well as an advice for graphic modeling elements on the other hand. eCH-0073 is determining the modeling language (Business Process Modeling Notation). BPMN is a diversified modeling language, which is used particularly for professional documentation of business processes. eCH-0073 contains an overview of the BPM- elements recommended.

Processes designed in BPMN are used for collaboration in civil cervices. They are important for better development within the Switzerland e-government. eCH-0073 shows the correlation with public administration and the basic definition of business administration.

The Signavio Process Manager is a comprehensive help for the coherence to eCH-norms. Besides the definition of an own BPMN element quantity, the Process Manager even includes functionalities concerning the publication and analysis of business processes. Read more about the Signavio Process Manager here. Take the chance and try the Process Manager right now for 30 days free!

The eCH-norm was allowed in 2009 by the eCH association in Zurich and is now available in version 1.0. Read more information on