No more manual “making-sure-the-boss-approves” processes that can slow your team’s progress with the BPM. Signavio has you covered with the all new Approval Workflow feature that can automatically route a completed process to the appropriate person who then can give his/her thumbs up and publish the process to the Collaboration Portal.

We’re hosting a half-hour webinar to showcase how approval workflow makes your work much easier. Join us on May 28th instead trying to figure out who processes need to be approved by and how you will keep track of the approvals via email. We seamlessly integrated Signavio with the Effektif BPM engine to help you simplify and streamline process approvals and executions. We’ll even show you how to link your Signavio account to Effektif and let the two do the work for you.

Effektif is a powerfully intuitive and magnificently simple BPM engine that works on the Signavio platform. Both Effektif and Signavio believe that BPM is for everyone, so pairing these two platforms can turn any business user into a BPM professional. Approval workflows save you and your colleagues time and trouble by automatically routing processes, assign review tasks (with reminders), all while tracking progress of the stages in the approval.

When? Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PST
What? Signavio Webinar – The Brandnew Approval Workflow
Who? Presentation by Dr. Gero Decker (Co-CEO Signavio)
Where? LIVE at your desk