Webcast - Enabling Process-Centric Enterprises: A Practitioner's Approach


How often does a a transformative, well-designed process fail in execution because of shared responsibility, when no single empowered owner focuses on, and is fully responsible for, its health? A comprehensive framework, based on best practices, enables real-world programs and projects to be successfully executed.


Enabling Process-Centric Enterprises: A Practitioner's Approach

Organizations across the globe are striving to improve their productivity, efficiency, and capacity to rapidly respond to ever-changing marketing conditions. Digital disruption is forcing most industry incumbents to launch transformation initiatives so they can meet the rapidly-evolving expectations of the Customer around products and services. A large number of these efforts flounder despite well-intentioned efforts.

This webcast will focus on presenting a comprehensive (end-to-end) framework that enables organizations to launch process-centric initiatives in a structured, yet agile, way.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance and key dimensions of assessing organizational readiness before a headlong plunge into process-based change
  • How to align process improvement initiatives with corporate strategy goals
  • Best practices in process discovery and modeling
  • Elements of an agile methodology to develop BPM applications
  • How to use process intelligence to continuously improve business processes

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About the speaker

Kewan Khawaja is the Co-CEO of Techlogix, a global consulting and IT services company that specializes in delivering BPM and SOA-based solutions. He has significantly contributed to the development of the company's BPM Framework. His current interests revolve around how innovation and emerging technologies can be utilized in combination with traditional process improvement techniques to deliver foundational change during digital transformation initiatives.

At a Glance:


Webinar - Enabling Process-Centric Enterprises: A Practitioner's Approach


11:00 am EST

How long

40 minutes + Q&A


Kewan Khawaja, Co-CEO of Techlogix