Webcast: Efficient Business Processes in Times of Crisis


No one is immune to the impacts of COVID-19, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are realizing that this crisis is placing an enormous burden on companies focused on keeping their wheels turning while ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees.

Efficient Business Processes in Times of Crisis

We will show you how to overcome the hurdles of the current crisis in an uncomplicated and agile way, and to safeguard your business against future crises. Albert Yip, our Head of Pre-Sales at Signavio, will show you how you can implement and execute emergency processes in your company as quickly and efficiently as possible and also model decision support.

Learn how to avoid overburdening your employees despite new requirements, such as reallocation of tasks or resource optimisation using the Process Governance and how to make decisions faster and communicate them easily with Decision Model and Notation (DMN). Keep your core business running so that the survival of your company can be ensured.

Key Takeaways

  • Defining processes that are needed quickly and rolling them out as efficiently as possible
  • Automate processes ad hoc, react to changes at any time
  • Ensure understanding and buy-in from employees
  • React to changed touch points from customers and employees
  • Keeping decisions as consistent as possible
  • Decisions on how to centrally control payment term extensions and adjust them on a daily basis
  • Easily generate task distribution and efficiently save resources
  • Integrate ad hoc workflow into existing business processes
  • Signavio supports your company in maintaining your core business. In our webcast session we will show you the way to a fast and sustainable process optimisation.

At Signavio we support you in finding a way through the current crisis. We look forward to your participation!

If you have any questions about our webcasts, please contact: miriam.burrows@signavio.com

About the Speaker

Albert Yip: Albert is the Director of Solution Consulting APAC at Signavio. He is a professional software engineer focusing on customer-centric digital transformation and process improvement. Before joining Signavio, Albert headed the Solution Engineering Department for SAP (Customer Experience) in the region.

At a Glance:


Webinar: Maintaining process reliability in times of crisis

How long

30 Min. Presentation + 15 Min. Q&A


Albert Yip, Head of Pre-Sales APAC at Signavio


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