Webcast: 7 Steps to ERP Transformation


In the third of Signavio’s ‘7 Steps’ practical guide series, our Head of Strategy, Mark McGregor, explores the issues of ERP transformation and looks at key learnings from the past, while exploring ideas for the future.


7 Steps to ERP Transformation

In a commercial world that revolves around differentiation, it is no longer practical to rely on systems that simply deliver the same results as everyone else. With significant investments already made in ERP systems, organizations across the globe are taking on the challenge of how to refresh, update or transform legacy ERP systems to better connect with process and systems of differentiation.

Reaching across people, processes, customers, technology, data management, and risk management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation is nothing less than a company-wide disruption. New processes, new ways of working, new paths through the system and questioning the value and need for customization are all key aspects of such an initiative.

Avoiding the pain of historical time and cost issues while ensuring more manageable ongoing costs is critical. The Signavio 7 Step Guide to ERP Transformation helps you navigate the murky waters of this demanding but rewarding opportunity.

We’ll discuss:

  • The need for Systems of Differentiation vs. the use of Systems of Record
  • Ways to analyze and reduce the amount of customization required
  • Why a process-centric approach can reduce change fatigue and frustration
  • How to make smarter use of process data to evaluate and accelerate change
  • Applying the 7 Step Model to increase your chances of success

The webcast will give a clear and logical process for business leaders from all industries to follow, helping you transform the way you work. Register now!

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About the speaker

Mark McGregor is Head of Strategy at Signavio. A former Research Director at leading IT industry analysis firm Gartner, Mark has an extensive background in enterprise architecture, business process management and change management, having held executive positions with a number of technology companies.

Mark has authored or co-authored four books on business and process management, including “Thrive! How to Succeed in the Age of the Customer” and “In Search of BPM Excellence” and “People Centric Process Management”. Widely respected for his knowledge and views on business change, he is the creator of “Next Practice” and has variously been described as a “BPM Guru”, a “Thought Leader” and a “Master of Mindset”.

At a Glance:


7 Steps to ERP Transformation


4:30 p.m. BST / 5:30 p.m. CEST / 11:30 a.m. EDT / 8:30 a.m. PDT

How long

45 Minutes + Q&A


Mark McGregor, Head of Strategy at Signavio


Live online