SSOW - UK & Ireland Digital Week

July 8th 2020

Shared Services and GBS leaders from UK & Ireland have been at the forefront of leading the pursuit of the next level of performance excellence and value creation.

Fast-track your Service Strategy in 2020 for the Smart, Agile and Automated Business Environment.

SSO Leaders across the UK & Ireland are continually asking business critical questions on how to best re-engineer processes, digitise business services, improve customer service, deliver SSO models and productivity which support your organisation in this highly disruptive time.

"No travel needed! Learn and hear about the latest insights from the comfort of your home or workplace."

For SSC’s in the UK and Ireland, regardless on where you are on your SSC journey, now is the time to revisit, review, and recalibrate your operations in light of new operating conditions and a world transformed.

Learn how to take full advantage of Process Mining in accelerating Shared Services transformation by making sure you assess these opportunities in a more strategic framework so you can then prioritise them based on business readiness for change combined with ROI.

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We look forward to an exciting and immersive virtual experience with SSOW UK & Ireland Digital Week.