RPA & AI Live 2019


An Online Event Focused On Separating The Truth From The RPA Myth And Offering Practical Advice From RPA Deployment To Industrialization.


RPA Live is not just another Robotics conference. We’re not here to tell you how great RPA is or make bold claims on the money or time it can save you. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will have heard the stats. This event is dedicated to practical advice, key-take-away’s and templates you can implement right-away no matter your maturity. In fact we want to simplify RPA; separating what you really need to know from the white-noise and helping you speed up your path to RPA industrialization.

Across the week there are have topics for companies at every stage of RPA maturity; from 5 bots to cognitive automation and even AI. Each session finishes with 3 key-take-aways that will make a real difference to your company.

Sneak Peak to RPA & AI Live

  • RPA Deployment And Scalability Up To Industrialization
  • RPA Is Not An Island: Using RPA In Conjunction With Other Technology
  • Effective RPA Governance Strategies
  • Process Prep: Getting Your Data And Processes Ready For Automation
  • Change Leadership And Talent Management To Support RPA And AI Success
  • Process Modelling And Mining

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Join Signavio & VirtualOps on June 24th at 4.45pm BST

The Art of High Impact RPA Optimisation: Avoiding inertia, identifying opportunities & generating ROI

RPA has spearheaded the drive towards intelligent process automation and provides a relatively low-cost starting point for a strategic digitisation program. Despite a number of success stories, there is still generally disappointment about the benefits achieved, the scale achieved and the sustained value of RPA. This session will highlight the key success factors for achieving optimum value from intelligent process automation using the right tools to identify the best automation opportunities and the right methodology to generate the optimum benefits from intelligent process automation.

Looking at RPA as an "add-on" to existing systems and processes can yield short-term gains, but this approach isn't sustainable. Organizations should instead take an enterprise view of RPA to maximize the technology's impact. The quickest, easiest implementation of the cheapest robots available is unlikely to lead to long-term improvements, but an enterprise approach can fuel a shift in your organization's mindset towards process improvement. That's how true transformation occurs.

Join Peter Clarke, VirtualOps & Martin Adams, Signavio and learn the following:

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of RPA program inertia
  • How best to undertake process and operational assessment for identifying IPA opportunities
  • How to generate the optimum benefits from your IPA investment

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24-27 June 2019