Process-led Digital Transformation with SAP Signavio

August 22, 2023 | 11:00 am EST

In this webcast, the focus is on simplifying and expediting business and digital transformation endeavors using the latest solutions based on SAP Signavio.

Simplify, Accelerate, and Achieve Real Value

The webcast explores how organizations can leverage solutions like Plug and Gain, Process Mining, Explorer, and Insight, which are part of the SAP Signavio suite, to streamline their processes and gain valuable insights. The webcast showcases real-life case studies to demonstrate how these solutions and associated process assets can be utilized effectively to deliver tangible business benefits. By attending the webcast, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how SAP Signavio-based solutions can support and drive successful transformation initiatives.

Key takeaways from the webcast:

  1. Simplification and Acceleration: Emphasis on the importance of simplifying and accelerating business and digital transformation initiatives. 
  2. Leveraging Newest SAP Signavio Solutions: Exploring the features and capabilities of the latest SAP Signavio tools, such as Process Mining, Explorer, and Insight. 
  3. Real Business Value: Emphasis on the practical application of SAP Signavio tools and related process assets in delivering real business value. 
  4. Efficient Utilization: Attendees gain insights into best practices and strategies for achieving optimal outcomes.

About the speakers

Robert Weller, Head of One Process Acceleration Layer, SAP Signavio

Robert Weller, leading BPI’s strategic projects, joined SAP in 2010 as an Enterprise Performance Management Consultant, specializing in corporate planning and consolidation. After holding numerous roles in consulting and SAP IT, he became inspired by SAP’s digital transformation in the analytics area. Under Chief Data & Analytics Officer, he led the People Analytics department and later as COO of the unit. With BPI he continues his journey of digital transformation helping customers in transforming processes into digital assets of a company. With qualifications in economics, psychology, and computer science, Robert brings several perspectives to his role.

Hans-Peter Baumann, BPM & Organizational Development, Scheer

With a degree in business administration (psychology, business informatics & marketing), he focuses on the alignment of people, processes and technology. His mission is to achieve optimal integration at all levels within enterprise ecosystems and guide organizations within the transformation to build a sustainable composable enterprise for long-term business results.

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