Process Intelligence: The Silver Bullet for Analyzing Disruption


This webcast will show you how seeing your processes clearly, using process intelligence, will help you understand what is actually happening within your organization vs. what is supposed to happen.

Topic Focus: Process Intelligence, Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay

Industry Focus: Manufacturing, Insurance, High-Tech, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Consumer

Gain key insights to help you drive real business results

How do you get a handle on your company's disrupted processes? How do you get real-time visibility into your organization's strengths and weaknesses? How do you confidently chart a path to the future? The key is process intelligence: seeing your processes clearly and understanding what is actually happening versus what's supposed to happen.

For example, your order-to-cash process is showing increased sales but decreasing customer satisfaction. Why? What is the root cause? Or, you have an opportunity to offer a new product but aren't sure if your manufacturing process can handle it. To make this decision, you need a clear line of sight into what your organization can do. These areas are where process intelligence shines.

This webcast will help you answer questions like these, showing you - with examples - how process intelligence can help you drive real business results.

Key Take-aways:

  • How to align technical process analysis techniques with the business view
  • How to gain confidence in your group's abilities to meet their goals
  • How to develop a clear line of sight into your organization's ability to deliver value
  • How to build consistency and stability for the business functions in your organization
  • How to create a path to grow with operational insights and continuous improvement

What people are saying: I've had the pleasure of working with Sandy both as a colleague and as a business partner. Sandy has always been the consummate professional. As an architect and development manager at FileNet helping to lead our BPM efforts, I worked closely with Sandy in developing our BPM message and evangelizing it. She has an extensive background and a wealth of experience around BPM. She couples that with a unique ability to translate that knowledge into practical application for customers in an effective and articulate manner. All of my experiences working with Sandy have been extremely positive and rewarding. - Mike Winter, Chief Software Architect, IBM

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About the speaker

Sandy Kemsley

Sandy Kemsley is an independent analyst and systems architect, specializing in digital process automation (DPA),  business process management (BPM), the social enterprise, enterprise architecture and business intelligence. During her career, she's run product companies and service firms and worked for large organizations. She is also a globally-featured speaker on the topic of BPM and its impact on business.

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Webinar - Process Intelligence: The Silver Bullet for Analyzing Disruption


11:00 am EST

How long

40 minutes + Q&A


Sandy Kemsley, BPM Architect and industry analyst


Live online