One of the most distinctive characteristics of today’s market is digital transformation and the alignment of your employees, processes, and technologies has become vital in order to deliver the required quality and growth. PEX offers presentations by a variety of speakers many interactive discussion groups that will help your organization take important steps towards process excellence.

You are most welcome to visit Signavio at our booth and attend our speaking slot to learn more about our products and find answers to any question you might have.

Have your cake Suitey

Actions speak louder than words, so pump up the adrenaline and prove yourself with Signavio. Visit our booth at PEX Europe, and brave the virtual reality game Richie’s Plank Experience.

In one of the most detailed, realistic, and immersive VRs to date, you’re 160m up and need to cross a narrow plank from one building to the next. With knees shaking, palms sweating, and the horror of failure looming, is this one process too far? Or will you make it across the abyss of data to the Signavio Promised Land, where a cupcake awaits each successful crossing?

And while we can’t give you wings, you can certainly lean on our award-winning cloud-based Signavio Business Transformation Suite for better stability, journey mapping, and process overview. In fact, with Signavio you can have your cake and eat it!

At a Glance

What: Process Excellence Europe (PEX)

When: 16-18 April, 2018

Where: Hurlingham Club, London

Event page: