Nordic Industry Forum Banking and Insurance

Join us virtually at Nordic IndustryForum Banking and Insurance and find out what new industry insights and transformational ideas are in store for the banking and insurance sector?

With Business Process Management (BPM) with Signavio alleviates traditional pain points for banking & insurance organizations, leading them towards sustained innovation and competitive differentiation.

Design your future and enable change today!

Signavio Process Manager visualizes processes such as underwriting from beginning-to-end within the context of an insurer’s entire operation. Clearly documented processes serve as the jumping off point for optimizations that reduce costs and speed up service delivery times. A process such as claims resolution could be carried out potentially thousands of times a day, with a multitude of steps involving various employees and IT systems. It’s critically important to know each of these steps is being conducted in the most efficient manner possible, and that all involved stakeholders know exactly what role to play.

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When:  December 08-09 2020

Where: Online

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