Journey to Process Analytics Webcast Series APJ

May 4th 2022

The most successful organizations can consistently deliver experiences that delight customers, employees or suppliers. In turn, the experiences an organization provides are deeply connected to how it actually operates. That’s why using journey to process analytics can be a game-changer: it helps you understand the connection between customer experiences and the processes that underpin them.

This series of webcasts will explore different aspects of customer journeys and their interaction with organizational processes, as well as how SAP Signavio solutions can help visualize the journeys your customers, suppliers, and employees take, optimize the underlying processes, and more.

On-Demand Webcasts

1. Balancing the Scales of Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency with SAP Signavio Solutions (plus live Q&A)

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Using journey to process analytics, you can improve organizational decision-making and build strong, lasting relationships with customers, by identifying exactly how experiences and processes are related.

Join Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President for Intelligent Process Automation, IDC, Ron Agam, Chief Product Officer, SAP Signavio and Till Reiter, VP Product, SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, SAP Signavio for an in-depth discussion of this new frontier in process management.

In this insightful session you will learn how to identify and close the experience gap; understand the impact of operational activities and changes on customer, supplier, or employee experiences; and optimize the way you operate and engage — while creating positive experiences at the same time.

2. Understanding Journey to Process Analytics from SAP Signavio Solutions (plus live Q&A)

On demand
Understanding the link between customer, supplier or employee experiences and the organizational processes underpinning them is crucial to sustainable business success. Join us for a detailed look at how you can connect process and experience data in your own organization.

SAP Signavio solutions experts will highlight a range of features within SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, to help you:

  • Model the connections between processes and journeys
  • Understand unneeded complexity, anomalies or pain points  in your journeys based on the underlying processes - and vice versa
  • Implement experience-driven process mining
  • Identify anomalies and relationships in experiences and processes
  • Govern and manage repositories of journeys and processes

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your customer journeys and underlying processes - at the same time. 

3. Customer Touchpoints: Journey to Process Analytics in Practice (plus live Q&A)  

On demand
Discover how real customers have integrated journey-to-process analytics from SAP Signavio solutions into their operational environment, revealing the sometimes-surprising relationships between customer, supplier, or employee experiences and the processes that underpin them. Plus, get an insight into the levers these organizations have used to improve customer, supplier or employee experiences on the process side.

Hear directly from our partner Qualtrics on the integration of experience data such as net promoter score, customer satisfaction score, customer effort score, and even qualitative feedback in the context of real-world journeys. Get the baseline information you need to operate more efficiently and effectively, grow and create new business value, and build a process-first, data-driven, customer-centric mind-set within your organization.

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