Helping organizations building an RPA workforce on an enterprise-wide scale lies at the very heart of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite.

Join us at the 4th annual Intelligent Automation Nordics Summit 2020, the region’s leading cross-industry platform where Nordic organisations will discover the Signavio Suite serves as a foundation for effective enterprise-level RPA, by helping to:

  • Analyze business processes to identify opportunities for automation
  • Optimize existing processes in preparation for RPA implementation
  • Monitor RPA solutions to ensure they are working as expected

Of course, if the right foundations aren’t in place, RPA can lead to unexpected difficulties. This is especially clear when we consider that RPA works most effectively to augment human employees, not as a replacement, and sits alongside existing efforts to optimize processes.

Signavio at Intelligent Automation Nordics

Join our interactive discussion around RPA At scale on the 1st of September at 12:45CET. This session will be hosted by Phil Pentland, Regional Sales Leader EMEA at Signavio, with a focus on Process Intelligence.

Phil will talk bout the potential benefits of IA/RPA and how they are undisputed, however 90%+ of companies struggle to make these a reality at any sense of scale. If your business has the ambition to grow its IA/RPA practice but can’t afford waste time and effort on further failed projected, this interactive session will help you bring clarity and new ideas.

We will be discussing:

  • The importance of combining Process Mining and Process Modeling to understand your as-is business operation – using the power of system data in conjunction wit the experience of your employees
  • Can a Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO) help with continuous Process Hygiene and identification of IA/RPA opportunities?
  • Can disparate tools lead to too much duplication, data errors, and confusion – all introducing unnecessary risk to your automation practice?
  • Should Process Excellence/Optimization be driven from a company Centre of Excellence, and is that the same CoE as your IA/RPA practice?

Next to the interactive discussion we will also presenting  on the 2nd of September at 14:00CEST on The Role of a Digital Process Management Suite in Accelerating and scaling intelligent Automation. This session will be delivered by Peter Franz – Managing Director and CO-CEA at BPM-D and business partner of Signavio. 

Intelligent process automation promises improved productivity, cost savings and compliance across a variety of business departments. After the achieving results from early POCs, the challenge is to have a structured approach, governance and ongoing learning as you scale these initiatives. This session will help you understand how Business Process Management suites are evolving to support Intelligent Automation, so that you can apply the technologies, free employees from mundane tasks and have a sustainable impact on your organisation. And there will be plenty of time to answers any questions you may have. 

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Capture processes first, then automate

Before diving into an RPA initiative, it’s vital to capture and analyze your existing processes, using automated process discovery tools and insights from process participants. Only once processes are modeled can you make informed decisions about where automation can best be deployed. Taking the time to capture processes also helps you build a data-backed business case for RPA, going beyond buzzword appeal.

Monitoring and measurement is critical to the continued success of your RPA initiative. A rogue robot can be even more destructive than a rogue employee, so RPA leaders must ensure robots are operating as intended and following the rules they’ve been given. It’s also important to keep close tabs on where RPA has proven successful, so you can scale to other processes with improvement potential.

An enterprise-wide approach

Looking at RPA as an “add-on” to existing systems and processes can yield short-term gains, but this approach isn’t sustainable. Organizations should instead take an enterprise view of RPA to maximize the technology’s impact. The quickest, easiest implementation of the cheapest robots available is unlikely to lead to long-term improvements, but an enterprise approach can fuel a shift in your organization’s mindset towards process improvement. That’s how true transformation occurs.

This enterprise approach represents a better way to take advantage of the power of RPA. Instead of short-term tactical gains, enterprise RPA means concentrating on optimizing processes first, and introducing automation second. In other words, an enterprise approach makes sure you are addressing the right problems, not just doing the wrong things, faster.

As the necessary precursor to successful enterprise level RPA, the Signavio Business Transformation Suite supports organizations to gain competitive advantage, increase operational efficiency, and improve employee productivity.


Phil Pentland, Process Mining Intelligence Expert, Signavio:

Phil is one of the sales leaders at Signavio with responsibility for their Process Mining product, Process Intelligence, within EMEA.  An engineer in background, Phil has been working in technology for almost 20 years, working with Public Sector and Private Sector businesses across the world.  He joined Signavio at the start of 2020, having completed a Process Mining course at Eindhoven University of Technology, and in that short time has already been a driving force behind the significant rise in interest and adoption of Signavio’s end-to-end Transformation Suite.

Peter Franz – Managing Director and Co-CEO at BPM-D & Business Partner Signavio 

Peter has been working at the forefront of Business Process Management (BPM) for many years as part of a 30 year career with Accenture. Since starting BPM-D he has continued to assist companies in strategic execution and in establishing a BPM discipline. He has developed several innovative approaches to solve implementation issues in pragmatic and results-oriented way.

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