Innovation Through Business Process Management


Organizations seek to integrate innovation into their business as well as realize the full potential of digital technologies and the power of the internet. The Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM) effectively addresses this need.

Achieve Process Innovation with Measurable Benefits

Companies face daily new opportunities and threats in our fast-changing digital world.

When correctly set up, Business Process Management (BPM) establishes an agile and focused innovation capability in an organization. The BPM-Discipline produces innovation in the form of new impactful processes and organizes the way research and development (R&D) organizations move ideas into marketable innovations.

This presentation discusses how a mid-sized company has established a process management discipline and applied the new capabilities to the organization, including the R&D process, to streamline and accelerate process transformation. This resulted in process innovation with measurable benefits as well as a new innovation process.

These are the key questions to be addressed:

  • How can business process management enable innovation?
  • How can this work in practice?
  • How do you sustain process-led innovation?

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About the speakers

Shaunie Archer is a Senior Consultant at BPM-D. Shaunie has led numerous transformation and process improvement initiatives for multiple clients across technology, financial services, and life science industries. She has helped these clients achieve operational efficiency, reduced cost, and increased revenue through process innovation, optimization, and standardization.

Shaunie is exceptionally skilled at navigating initiatives across many business models, functions, and organizations.  She is passionate about driving transformational programs, building strong performing organizations, and helping clients identify opportunities to achieve business efficiency and strategic objectives.

Nicole Jacobs is the Partner Manager for NA Consulting Alliances. She has been in the software technology industry for over 8 years.  From relationship management, solutions consulting, business development for the channel and channel management, Nicole understand and loves the power, potential and value of what partners can bring to a larger-scale audience.  Nicole is process-oriented and passionate about BPM and process mining and understands the excellence needed to achieve business transformation and operational excellence across the enterprise.

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Webinar: Innovation through Business Process Management


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Shaunie Archer; Nicole Jacobs