Global Trends & Insights into Compliance Excellence


Discover the global trends & insights into the regulatory landscape of the finance industry, and how to achieve compliance excellence with a process-driven approach.

Global Trends & Insights into Compliance Excellence

In a fast - changing regulatory environment, how can financial institutions comply with ever-increasing regulations while keeping associated costs to a minimum? Tiger Pillay, Principal at Avadeen Consulting, has taken the stage on behalf Signavio at the AFR Banking & Wealth Summit to outline the ways in which a process driven approach to regulatory compliance is the key to compliance excellence.

Key Takeaways:

This keynote address will outline:

  • The challenges being posed by changes in the global regulatory environment
  • How to lower the cost of implementing, monitoring and managing compliance requirements
  • How process - driven integration operationalises cost-effective compliance

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About the speaker

Tiger Pillay: leads a boutique advisory firm providing pragmatic tailored solutions so that organisations can optimise its process knowledge to achieving strategic goals. With over 30 years of experience in finance, governance, innovation, capability and process management, Tiger brings a unique skill in developing practical balanced solutions to complex business problems with a focus on building sustainability around management practices.

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Global Trends & Insights into Compliance Excellence


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Tiger Pillay, Principal at Avadeen Consulting


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