Join world-renowned expert, Professor Michael Rosemann, in this exclusive webinar

Business Process Management has a proven track record in terms of addressing pain points such as waste, variation or human errors along business processes. However, the increasingly opportunity-rich environment characterised by cloud-based asset, high levels of digital literacy and new forms of value creation, shifts the focus to process design as opposed to process re-design.

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Professor Michael Rosemann will:

  • Propose Design-led Business Process Management as a way to combine Design Thinking and BPM with the aim to develop contemporary, customer-centred business processes
  • Apply a staged model to explain the different phases of D-BPM; and
  • Deliver various case studies across different industries to exemplify the power of an opportunity point-focused approach to BPM

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About Dr. Michael Rosemann

Dr. Michael Rosemann is Professor of Information Systems and Executive Director, Corporate Engagement at Queensland University of Technology.

Dr. Rosemann’s work is focused on creating compelling future worlds with today’s possibilities making current practices obsolete. He is globally recognised as a thought leader in the areas of business process management and innovation systems.

As Head of QUT’s Information Systems School, he established the Woolworths Chair in Retail Innovation; the Brisbane Airport Chair in Airport Innovation; and the PwC Chair in Digital Economy.

Dr. Rosemann is author & editor of seven books; more than 250 refereed papers; Editorial Board member of ten international journals; and co-inventor of US patents.  His research projects received funding from industry partners such as Accenture, Australia Post, Infosys, PwC, Rio Tinto, SAP, Suncorp and Woolworths.  He provides advice to senior executives in diverse industries such as telecommunications, finance, insurance, professional services, utility, retail, public sector, logistics and the film industry.