Process-led Digital Transformation – Rapid and Reliable Results


A process-led approach to digital transformation helps to set the right priorities, define a realistic business case, and realize the anticipated business outcomes.

Process-led Digital Transformation – Rapid and Reliable Results

Most companies have started their digital transformation or at least plan for it. However, an industry study shows that only 1% of organizations have their processes sufficiently under control to realize the full potential of digital solutions.

The value-realization of digital initiatives is often too slow, or business expectations are not met, therefore an appropriate process management discipline addresses those challenges. It optimizes the time-to-value.

This presentation discusses a process-led approach using business process management to accelerate the time-to-value and minimize risk for digital transformation initiatives.

Attendees of this webcast will learn now to:

  • Set strategy-based priorities pragmatically
  • Improve rapidly and effectively leveraging the right digital technologies
  • Realize and sustain value through process governance and tools, such as process mining

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About the speakers

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer is the Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D. He is an Affiliated Faculty, Program for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kirchmer is an experienced practitioner and thought leader in the field of Digital Transformation and Business Process Management (BPM). He co-founded BPM-D, a consulting company focusing on digital process transformation, operational excellence and customer experience by leveraging the discipline of BPM. Previously, he was Managing Director and Global Lead of BPM at Accenture, and CEO of the Americas and Japan of IDS Scheer, known for its ARIS Process Software.

Dr. Kirchmer has led numerous transformation and process improvement initiatives and has worked with hundreds of clients in technology, financial, health, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. He has published 11 books and over 150 articles. He is affiliated faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and received a research and teaching fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Nicole Jacobs is the Partner Manager for NA Consulting Alliances. She has been in the software technology industry for over 8 years.  From relationship management, solutions consulting, business development for the channel and channel management, Nicole understands and loves the power, potential and value of what partners can bring to a larger-scale audience.  Nicole is process-oriented and passionate about BPM and process mining and understands the excellence needed to achieve business transformation and operational excellence across the enterprise.

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Webinar: Process-led Digital Transformation – Rapid and Reliable Results


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Dr. Mathias Kirchmer; Nicole Jacobs