Process mining & the changing role of the CFO.


The digital transformation of the finance function is happening at an ever-increasing pace. This webcast, co-hosted by Baringa and Signavio, will detail five areas which pose challenges and opportunities for CFOs across all industries: technology, people, the role of the CFO, compliance, and complexity.


What matters to the modern CFO?

In a modern business, almost every process or activity leaves behind a digital footprint, these data traces can be just as valuable as any balance sheet, because they contain the real story behind how organizations and processes actually work. Hidden within them are habits, risks and behaviors we are usually unaware of. With the right technology, you can analyze this information and use the results to ensure you make the right financial and strategic decisions, at the right time.

“Digital finance has precipitated the next wave of finance transformation. The changes in the finance function will affect the way CFOs make decisions about resource planning, business, financial analysis and day-to-day operational finance. Process-led transformation enables those in finance to substantially increase operational efficiency and better engage with their customers. In this digital age, there has never been a more opportune time for the CFO to have an impact on their business.” - Ian Pollard, Senior Vice President EMEA, Signavio

It seems a truism, but the best way to reduce complexity remains breaking it down into manageable components. On a strategic level, this may mean getting back to basics, and asking a series of questions intended to reduce issues to their fundamentals: Do we really need to do this? Have we got the time? Do we have the resources? What are we not doing, or giving up, or changing, to do this? Do our employees have the necessary skills and/or technology to do what we need to do?

While complexity will never disappear as a factor for modern businesses, asking these sorts of questions is a good way to decrease its negative impacts, and as a CFO, you are best placed to be the one doing the asking.

Join us on the 23rd of July, when Baringa and Signavio will host an interactive discussion specifically aimed at CFOs.

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Webinar: Process mining & the changing role of the CFO


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