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What’s on the Agenda?

1.00 p.m: Registration

Grab yourself a tea or coffee, collect your name badge and find a seat.

1.30 p.m: Welcome and Introduction

by Signavio

1.45 p.m: Modeling, Optimizing and Executing Processes with Signavio

by Andy Pollard, Senior Sales Manager UK and Nordics

This presentation will focus on all phases of modern Process Management as well as the integration of Signavio Process Manager and Signavio Workflow Accelerator. Topics covered will include process modeling and collaboration,process analysis and improvement, process publication, as well as process execution.

2.15 p.m: Integrating Business Decisions and Processes: Effective Collaboration of DMN and BPMN 

by Jan Purchase, Founding Partner and Lead Decision Architect at Lux Magi

Why should organizations model their business decisions? What are the benefits of using DMN and BPMN to capture and define the logic of your business decisions and analytics within the context of a business process? How should you best split business concerns between the process and decisions and what are the pitfalls of interfacing the two? This presentation will examine how process and decisions work together and walk through real BPMN and DMN models from financial compliance explaining how process and decisions have been integrated in projects. Learn proven best practices for overcoming key business challenges: including overly complex rules, improving ROI of expensive processes and agile migration to automated decision services.
The presentation includes case studies showing how these techniques have been applied by major companies to improve the transparency and accuracy of their business operations and includes some demonstrations of real-world decision modeling.

3.00 p.m: Tea & Coffee Break

Tea, coffee and homemade cookies

3.30 p.m: No-Code Workflow Automation for Business Users

by Peter Hilton, Worfklow Expert at Signavio

This presentation is for all business users who have ever looked at their bulging inbox, crammed full of email requests for updates, and wondered if they will ever have time to actually do any of the work.

Workflow automation is the low hanging fruit of Business Transformation — dealing with the smallest units of the work required to create value in an organization. For years workflow has been the domain of IT, with business users the passive recipients of the good, the bad, and the ugly initiatives to improve how work flows through a business. Often at great expense. But workflow optimization doesn’t have to wait for IT capacity to become available, or for long consultation processes. You can free yourself from the tyranny of the quarterly budget cycle, and IT project funding bureaucracy.

Lightweight workflow automation solutions change this dynamic, by enabling business users without any coding expertise to gain efficiencies by automating the time consuming, but non value-adding parts of their work.

Suitable for a business audience, and presented by Signavio’s entertaining Workflow expert Peter Hilton, this presentation will cover:

  • Taking the IT out of automation
  • Modeling your first workflow: choosing work with the greatest potential for automation.
  • Proving the concept: harnessing real data to uncover where your time is being spent (and identifying ways to optimize)
  • Case study: Product Lifecycle Management in financial services — a real example of business users taking the reigns with workflow automation — without IT involvement

4.15 p.m: Process Intelligence — Compliance, Performance, Innovation

by Andy Pollard, Sales Manager UK and Nordics at Signavio

Making process data analytics available for business users, even when dealing with large data sets. This presentation will focus on how to identify process compliance issues between a modeled to-be process and the observed as-is process. Business users can identify the impact of a compliance or performance violation based on KPIs and trigger follow-up actions.

5.p.m: Drinks Reception

Join us for a few drinks and some food while making the most of the opportunity to network with other participants or use the time to put any further questions to our speakers.

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The Details at a Glance:

What: Signavio Business Transformation Meetup
When: Thursday 20th April 2017, 1p.m. — 7 p.m.
Where: O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel, Dublin
Cost: Free!
Registration: Submit the online form to the right of this page.
Questions?: Drop us a line at