Business in Times of Crisis - Signavio's Response to COVID-19

In our upcoming webinar with Gero, co-founder and CEO of Signavio, you will find out how we can help you monitor tasks, surface the right data when you need it, and drive intelligent decision making in an uncomplicated and agile way.

Key Takeaways

  • Define and roll out key processes quickly and efficiently.
  • Automate and react to ad-hoc process changes in trying times.
  • Ensure you have understanding and buy-in from your employees.
  • React to changed touch points from customers and employees.
  • Keep decision making consistent as far as possible.
  • Decisions on how to centrally control payment term extensions and adjust them on a daily basis.
  • Easily generate task distribution and efficiently save resources.
  • Integrate ad hoc workflow into existing business processes

At Signavio we support you in finding a way through the current crisis. We look forward to your participation!

“The current crisis is a difficult situation for all of us. However, it also has opportunities such as developing new skills. This enables companies worldwide to question the current status quo. Future-oriented changes in the face of the storm are possible - the prerequisites for this are understanding, clever allies and the willingness to change.” Dr. Gero Decker, Signavio Co-Founder and CEO

If you have any questions about our webinars, please contact us at: .