AG & SAP Signavio Process Insights Presents: The Fastest Route to Process Excellence in SAP Asset Management

February 28th 2023

Whether it is due to internal or external factors, we understand that any digital transformation project will face challenges. If your goal is to drive innovation to transform your organization to better align with your business objectives, then understanding your process landscape plays a crucial role. Let's discover how you can use these insights to kick-start your project with Quick Insight leading to Quick Wins (with direct, tangible ROI) whilst paving the way for the success of your transformation project.

Vanessa Lacontal, global service advisor at SAP Signavio, together with Scott Brumby, Senior SAP EAM Consultant at AG & Nick Champion, Director at AG, will give you concrete recommendations on how to approach your transformation initiative, how SAP Signavio Process Insights can help you deliver value even before embarking on your project and share a few real-world examples of how we have helped organizations deliver Fast Insights and then Fast results with tangible ROI in their transformation journeys.

We will answer the following questions in this webcast: 

  • We’ve experienced unprecedented changes in asset management - companies have realised that they need to become more responsive to client needs digitally.
  • What solutions companies are currently using to solve these challenges?
  • What role does a company’s existing process landscape play in overcoming the challenges faced during transformation projects?
  • What should you look for when selecting the right tactical and strategic solutions?

More information about the webcast: 

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There will be an opportunity to ask questions and interact with our experts during the live session, however, if you are stretched for time or unable to join us, simply complete the registration and we'll send you a recording afterwards with the option to book a 1:1 discussion slot.

About the speakers

Nick Champion

Nick Champion, heads up AG’s Intelligent Technologies practice focusing on SAP Process Excellence through Process Discovery (e.g. via Process Mining type technologies) and Process Automation (e.g. using RPA and related AI/ML technologies). Nick has a wealth of experience in the SAP Process Automation / Integration space across a range of Finance, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Asset Management disciplines and has unique insight as to the potential to optimise core business processes and empower you to unleash the untapped potential of Process Automation. Using real-world Use Cases Nick will shed light on how invaluable SAP Signavio Process Insights can positively impact in achieving your enterprise goals. 

Vanessa Lacontal

Vanessa Lacontal, works for the SAP Signavio Global Center of Excellence team, where she contributes to the elaboration of business process transformation value cases. She has a consulting background, and experience in leading major transformation programs.

Scott Crumby, is a Senior EAM Consultant at AG.  With over 30 years of experience across a number of industries, in a number of different teams, including Maintenance, Engineering, Production & Operations, his route has been paved towards CMMS EAM systems, particularly with SAP.  This varied background has given him an insight into what different people need from their systems, and how they need to use and interact with them.  Scott’s core focus is the see the world from the requirements of the end user, which allows clear, aligned recommendations of methods and solutions, so they can get the most effective, best experience from the systems and the software that they use.