We are looking for a JavaScript expert with solid experience in web application programming.

What we offer

So what’s the team like? What started as a university project has grown organically over the last seven years into a distinctly international crew. We keep things open, agile and communicative, with pair programming practiced and encouraged. It is all based on trust – no micromanaging, no distributed teams, no nearshoring, no offshoring – face to face communication is premium. That is why the development team is located together in our new office in Berlin.

We are constantly evolving and looking to integrate new technologies in our technology stack. We currently:

  • Code on Babel stage 0
  • Build with Gradle and Webpack
  • Manage with NPM
  • Test with Mocha, Enzyme, Chai
  • Use React and Redux
  • Version with Git
  • Organize with Scrum and Kanban

Choose your own laptop, OS and IDE. Work with the tooling you are comfortable with and set up your workspace the way you like it.

Our engineers are self-organized within their teams, working on components and independent projects together and closely with product managers and UX designers. We value your thoughts and ideas and will give you the freedom to push and implement them. Concretely, you have the opportunity to contribute to open source projects and attend conferences.

We get that balancing a family and work can be a challenge, so everyone (family or no family) gets flexible work hours. Work when you work best.

We support personal growth, both in and outside of the company. You will gain – and share – knowledge during recurring learning lunches, jours fixes, pizza sessions and our annual code camp.

How you contribute

We are looking for a JavaScript guru to strengthen our development team in Berlin. You will help to continue to develop and improve our leading cloud-based business process modeling, decision modeling and workflow software.

Specifically you will:

  • Lead the development of new UI components
  • Improve and refactor existing applications
  • Create UI concepts and mockups
  • Review the work of your teammates
  • Challenge existing implementations and ideas
  • Improve our technology stack
  • Research cutting-edge technology

We like:

  • Experience in web application development
  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript programming
  • An appreciation of the art of programming
  • The self-discipline to work in an agile environment
  • Diversity that enriches our team
  • A drive to understand our customers’ needs
  • Good English communication skills; German skills are a plus

As part of a motivated self-managing team you understand the importance of communication and feedback. We appreciate you for your engagement, your constructive input and your drive to improve yourself, the product, and the company.

What we value most

Be creative and innovative: push ideas to create a product that our customers love to use, and minimize complexity.

Be passionate and create impact: create amazing work and inspire others with your results.

Work independently and responsibly: take responsibility for the work you do.

Communicate and build trust: communication is key to achieving our goals efficiently.

Be honest and selfless: admit your own mistakes, be open to feedback, and make time to help your colleagues.

Get things done from day one: deploy your code to production in your first week.

Who we are

Signavio is a leading provider of BPM and BDM solutions helping organizations improve their business processes and decisions. We are based in Berlin and have two offices overseas in Sunnyvale (California) and Singapore.

Our inventive and collaborative approach to Business Process and Decision Management software has earned Signavio the trust of clients like AirBnB, Cisco, Puppet Labs and Zespri across geographies and verticals. We are now growing fast, and we want to take you with us! If you are a creative and capable engineer looking for a place you can truly put your talents and ideas into practice, we want you to be part of our team! Come to the brombeere side… (that’s our color).

How you apply

If you support these values, contribute the skills we are looking for and want to join our team, apply now! Send your application to jobs@signavio.com.

  • Tell us your background. Which projects did you participate in and which technologies did you use?
  • Tell us your vision. What makes a great UI for business users in your mind?
  • Tell us your salary expectations. What other benefits are important to you?
  • Tell us your first available start date.


Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us:


Tel. +49 30 8562 154-0