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 Andreas Bertsch, AutoScout24 GmbH Optimal tool support during the process analysis has been an important argument for us. It allowed us to easily get the different business departments involved in process design, which helped to reach high quality documentation and specifications.

AutoScout24 GmbH, with its more than 500,000 vehicles sold per month, is one of the best known internet market places for cars and operates in 18 countries in Europe. The cloud-based CRM system was introduced for supporting more than 37,000 sellers. The as-is marketing, sales, services and finance processes have been analyzed using the Signavio Process Editor in the course of the CRM implementation project.
That was the starting point for defining the to-be process architecture that finally led to a detailed software specification, which in turn is used to carry out the process-oriented customizing of the new CRM system. The process definitions also help to guide the users of the CRM system.