[…] For us, Signavio simply has the best usability! Everyone can get emotionally involved and contribute their own expertise to Business Process Management.Valentin Jäger, Life Food GmbH – Taifun Tofuprodukte (Taifun Tofu Products)

Life Food GmbH has already recognized just how important communication within a BPM project can be.

The company has found a reliable partner with Signavio, whose collaborative software has contributed to the successful implementation of their BPM initiative. Not just the people in charge of Quality Management, but employees in each individual department have also benefited from clear assignment of their responsibilities and well structured processes.

Since 1987, Life Food GmbH has been continuously growing and expanding its product portfolio. During this time, the allocation of responsibilities and the adherence to quality standards has become increasingly complex. Therefore in 2012, Quality Management initiated a BPM project that aimed to make the regulation of responsibilities a priority, as well as making the configuration of processes compliant with given rules or

Business Process Management in the food industry is determined by both ISO Certification and the need to conform to standards for organic produce. In accordance with the HACCP Concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), for the safety of the food, risk assessments and the identification of critical control points must take place regularly and be transparent. By using the Signavio Process Editor, Life Food GmbH has provided ongoing support for its Quality Management, and ensured that guidelines were adhered to.

The first challenge of the initiative was to decentralize the recording of processes and employ the process knowledge of the employees. This entailed the strategy setting, process modeling and development of procedures to be taken on by each department.

With its collaborative functions, the Signavio Process Editor extensively supported the project from the offset. Thanks to the web-based Collaboration Portal, processes are easy to access and understand. All employees have the opportunity to comment on the processes. Quickmodel’s spreadsheet format also ensures even inexperienced modelers can record processes very easily. This didn’t just support active cooperation of individual departments but also accomplished company-wide acceptance of Quality Management: employees made an important contribution to the BPM initiative rather than being treated as inferior. Modelers, the people in charge of QM and even the employees are satisfied with the Signavio Process Editor. With this type of process design the improvement of Quality Management and the ability to make compliance easier, comes down to intensive communication. The Signavio Process Editor allows for the leadership of the initiative to come from above, whilst the team is able to provide crucial input.

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The Signavio Business Transformation Suite has been available since April 2017. Signavio Process Manager unites Process Editor with Decision Manager. These are joined by Signavio Workflow Accelerator and Signavio Process Intelligence as part of the Suite.