CASS | Client Asset Protection

Signavio Business Transformation Suite creates a strong and transparent CASS control framework, allowing you to better manage client assets compliance.

CASS capability powered by Signavio in partnership with Baringa

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Protecting client assets is a core element of risk and compliance management for organizations in the UK, who are already subject to increasingly complex regulatory requirements, harsh penalties, and risk to operational and reputational stability. Yet, undoubtedly, keeping up with the tracking and reporting required to achieve CASS compliance costs organizations considerable time and resources.

Risk and cost reduction through streamlining CASS related processes

Key Challenges around CASS compliance include:

  • changing compliance landscape in which CASS compliance has seen increased requirements for regulated firms
  • additional costs that arise through increasing complexity requiring additional resources
  • manual, paper-based or Visio/ Excel dependant compliance which makes maintaining an audit trail difficult

Full FRC CASS toolkit solution

Signavio Business Transformation Suite responds directly to CASS compliance challenges faced by your organization. Signavio provides complete FRC CASS toolkit management in which you can easily:

  • store and link process maps, CASS rules, controls and risks
  • upload your existing Visio and Excel documents directly

Plus: CASS RP, Breaches register, CMAR

  • store and control your CASS RP
  • track and store all breaches, incidents or near misses. Signavio guides users with limited CASS knowledge to link to specific rules, controls and risks to incidents
  • track and store sign-off and review of CASS governance items such as minutes

Full audit trails enable you to:

  • document your CASS related processes and track them end-to-end
  • export a full audit trail on all maps and documentation
  • restore previous versions, compare historic versions and highlight changes

Fully customizable reporting enables you to:

  • tailor reports to specific clients and stakeholders
  • extract your CASS matrix and TCM back to Excel versions, and export process maps to PDF
  • setup breach notification workflows and escalation emails with Signavio Process Governance and incorporate escalation emails

With MI and analysis you can:

  • track progress on all workflows
  • receive email alerts for overdue items
  • see how many times a process or document has been amended and by who

Signavio’s CASS solution guides users with limited CASS knowledge to link specific rules, controls and risks, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring complete transparency and organizational compliance. You can also easily add more rules books including COBS, SYSC, ISO and GDPR without any additional cost or technical support.


Want to try the Suite out for yourself? Take it for a test drive with our 30 day free trial or Request your personalized demo and find out more about how Signavio Business Transformation Suite can boost your CASS compliance and control system.