To secure the long term success of a company, the efficiency of work processes must be analyzed continually. Above all, this involves:

  • Assigning responsibility clearly
  • Recognising bottle necks
  • Saving costs
  • Maintaining quality standards

However, working together in a team and across departments is a decisive factor in improving company performance.

Many practical examples demonstrate that the collective knowledge of all is the key to successfully and efficiently implementing day-to-day tasks and managing new challenges.

Only when all employees are involved, and when information is pooled in a central location can a company achieve growth and assert itself in a highly competitive market.

Don’t share valuable knowledge about work processes in Word and Excel tables, or in Visio outlines, switch to Business Process Management and to a professional software!

What added value does Business Process Management offer you?

Modeling a process and sharing it with the whole team only takes a few minutes. When the individual steps of a work process are already laid out, it is easy to see who is responsible for what task and at what stages hand-overs occur.

It doesn’t matter which field you are dealing with, Process Management is a sought after method in all industry sectors. In the modeling platform, processes can be standardized and tested with certain standards in mind. It is therefore an ideal starting point for quality control. A further example is personnel planning: HR managers can attach figures to diagrams and can find out through using a simulation, at what times resources are needed. Cost and risk management are equally popular deployment scenarios, making Business Process Management an imperative tool for the banking sector.

Signavio: Business Process Management for everyone:

Process and quailty managers often ask, how do I make the relevance of BPM in my company clear and obvious? How can I obtain the valuable knowledge of my employees for the optimization of processes?

The answer is very simple: Make your employees a part of your process initiave with Signavio.

Learning from Web 2.0

Services like Wikipedia, Twitter and Linkedin, and multiple blogs have made the sharing of information and the collaborative editing of documents easier.
Why not also design Business Process Management in a more collaborative way and switch to Web-2-0-functions? As a result of this question, Signavio developed the first completely web-based BPM tool in 2009.

The sharing of processes and the collaborative editing and involvement of all employees in the modeling process – whether beginners or professionals – is for many managers a sustainable success criterion. Signavio makes it possible to include varying levels of access as well as cooperation between the whole team on the basis of process diagrams.

Developing optimization-potential through team work

Collaboratively compiled processes benefit from the fact that potential opportunities for optimization are more easily recognisable from the very begining.

Simultaneously BPM representives specifically increase the acceptance of pursued goals, like the observance of quality standards or the efficient implementation of daily tasks.

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