Welcome to Business Process Intelligence Tour 2021, featuring SAP and Signavio solutions. At this event, industry experts, thought leaders, and live customers will present high-quality business transformation insights for more than four hours.

But there’s no filler here — the tour offers a lineup specifically tailored to the needs and interests of organizations in each of our four global regions. We’ll cover hot topics such as migration to SAP S/4HANA, the power of data-driven decision-making, the need for ongoing transformation, increasing productivity with the right solutions and much more. With a clear focus on the part of the world that matters to you, you’ll be turning these local insights into global impact in no time.

On Tuesday July 13, 2021 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm AEST, you will get access to the tour. Our digital streaming platform allows interaction with attendees as well as our experts in real time, so questions can be clarified directly, and discussions can be opened immediately. You’ll also hear more about the strategic vision for business process intelligence within SAP and Signavio.

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I like the format, how it was managed, and the quality of speakers, very informative and passionate.
A perfect business event!
CEO feedback about the 2020 Tour


Luka Mucic

Member of the Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer


Luka Mucic is a member of the Executive Board and chief financial officer (CFO) of SAP SE. His responsibilities include the areas of finance and administration and he has served in this function since July 2014. Besides his role as CFO, Mucic oversees SAP’s sustainability efforts. He is also responsible for the Business Process Intelligence unit, bringing together the company’s long-standing experience in understanding our customers’ business processes with data and intelligence.

Dr. Gero Decker

Co-founder & CEO of Signavio and General Manager Business Process Intelligence at SAP


Dr. Gero Decker is General Manager Business Process Intelligence at SAP. He was previously co-founder and CEO of Signavio, a leading provider of process management software with over 2,000 customers and more than 500 employees worldwide, which was acquired by SAP in early 2021. Gero holds a PhD in Business Process Management from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, and is a globally-recognized thought leader in process management and business transformation.

Rouven Morato

General Manager Business Process Intelligence


Rouven Morato is the General Manager of our Business Unit “Business Process Intelligence”. As Member of the Senior Leadership Team of SAP, he is responsible to help our customers master their digital transformation by understanding and improving their business processes in a data driven and intelligent way. In his former roles Rouven was SAP’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer and built up our internal Analytics and Data Management function. Prior to that, Rouven was the CFO and member of the management board of SAP Deutschland AG und Co KG, as well as Regional CFO for Middle and Eastern Europe. In this role he was overseeing a P&L of more than 4bn EUR in revenue and an organization with more than 5.000 employees in 15 different countries and was the Executive Sponsor for several DAX and MDAX customers of SAP.

Bernhard Shaffrik

Principal Analyst


Bernhard’s research supports CIOs and technology leaders with their broader transformation challenges. His thought leadership provides guidance on how to manage technology-driven business models and how to drive sustainable technology innovation. Bernhard is a hands-on expert in emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing. Leveraging his business process and enterprise architecture expertise, Bernhard’s research takes a holistic look at business and operations automation and serves clients in these areas of responsibility.

Ron Agam

Chief Product Officer


Ron is Signavio's Chief Product Officer. With global experience working for both large enterprise and start-ups in Israel, the US, Spain and Germany, Ron uses his wealth of skills in product management, innovation, strategy, and marketing to craft business strategies and product roadmaps. Ron was previously VP Product & Strategy at Amdocs and Co-founder and CEO of Talk2. He holds an MBA from Kellogg North Western and a B.Sc. in Physics from TAU.

Katrina Brooks

Process Governance Lead

ANZ Bank

Katrina Brooks is the Process Governance lead at ANZ Bank. Over the past year she has lead the business process management capability uplift program across the Australia Retail and Commercial division. She was responsible for implementing Signavio and developing robust governance frameworks in line with regulatory guidelines. Over the past 15 years she has delivered multiple process enhancement initiatives delivering cost reduction and reduced risks across Financial Services.

Luiz Almanca

Digital Business and Change Management

Ocean Network Express

Luiz Almanca is a Digital Business Senior Manager of the Business, IT Strategy and Innovation team at Ocean Network Express (ONE). He supports the identification and implementation of ONE’s strategic digital business solutions and is in charge of establishing digital governance, raising awareness and coordinating efforts company-wide to drive digital transformation. Over the past three years, he has successfully supported the digital transformation of the customer journey for ONE’s customers and also rolled out a digital business process management for internal stakeholders.

Ben Johnson

Senior Strategy & Transformation Manager


Ben is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has always had a passion for improvement. Previously an International Gold Medal Rower, he has used this passion to drive CI efforts within FMCG companies, prior to moving into a Product Development in Dyson. At Dyson he has been the driving force behind the business wide BPM implementation, with his current focus being on improving Product Development Process Integration.

Alessandro Manzi

VP Product - Process Intelligence


Alessandro Manzi is the VP Product for Process Intelligence, the cloud-based process mining offering within Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite. As an experienced product and go-to-market professional, with a strong combination of skills across sales, product management, strategic business development, and project delivery, Alessandro has a deep understanding of business plans, KPIs and their impact on company improvement potential.

Wassilios Lolas

Global Vice President, Center of Excellence and Solution Management, Business Process Intelligence


Wassilios is the global head of the Center of Excellence for SAP’s Business Process Intelligence (BPI) and leads the Solution Management for process insights. He leads a team of professionals in market units around the globe, evangelizing BPI, enabling the BPI community, and driving spearhead engagements with pilot customers and early adopters. Learnings are played back into the roadmap for the BPI solution.


Executive Keynote & Event Opening

Luka Mucic - Member of the Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer, SAP

SAP's Chief Financial Officer will welcome attendees to the BPI Tour, and offer some opening remarks.

Strategic Vision of Business Process Intelligence

Dr. Gero Decker - Co-founder & CEO, Signavio and General Manager Business Process Intelligence, SAP
Rouven Morato - General Manager Business Process Intelligence, SAP

The Golden Age Of Process Intelligence Is On The Horizon

Bernhard Shaffrik - Principal Analyst, Forrester

BPI Product Session

Ron Agam - Chief Product Officer, Signavio

Can Process Governance support a risk reduction across Customer Value Streams?

Katrina Brooks - Process Governance Lead, ANZ Bank

In this Session ANZ will share some insights about how to create and implement a robust Governance Framework that supports risk reduction and some critical success factors to achieving this goal.
  1. ANZ environment and Bank’s Complexity (20K+ employees, legacy systems, policies, culture and regulatory environment).
  2. Approach we took to creating the PEG group and Governance Frameworks.
  3. How we are leveraging Signavio for better Risk Management. Key Outcomes and next steps (use of Process Intelligence, Journey Modeller).

Take control of change with Knowledge Warehouse

Mobin Barati - Lead Business Architect, Revenue NSW

Change is the new constant and the first step toward change is awareness. For changes to be of any true value, they've got to be lasting and consistent. In leading an Organisation that thrive in crisis as well as normality, the Organisation need to adapt agile Digital Transformation Principles. Knowledge Warehouse is the Key Tool for all Enterprises to become responsive to all change demands and get ahead of the curve rather than stay reactive and fall behind the curve.
  1. Change has become overwhelming and change fatigue is costing businesses and individuals
  2. Understanding the current state of Products and Services, Customer Journeys, Processes, Knowledge, Rules, KPIs, Digital Solutions, Data & Reports provides an opportunity to fully understand the scope and scale of the change …
  3. … and designing the future state with confidence where the change is managed with adequate Resources to achieve realistic Expectations and Timeframes.

ONE's BPM Journey into Excellence

Luiz Almanca - Digital Business and Change Management, Ocean Network Express

This session aims to cover ONE's journey into developing a process-driven mindset into the organisation, utilising Signavio's platform and BPM best practices to transform our BPM teams from support-driven to a centre of excellence acting as a business strategic partner.

Partner Fireside Chat

Breakout Session 1 - Dyson

5,127: Learning from failure

Dyson tried to launch a BPM initiative four times in 18 months, and each time it didn't quite work. Find out how Dyson overcame repeated challenges, why employees are now getting excited, and how the company has started to turn effective process management into a backbone for innovation.


Ben Johnson - Strategy and Transformation Manager Dyson

Breakout Session 2 - Partner Strategy

Breakout Session 3 - Demo

Understand, Innovate, and Transform Business Processes Quickly and at Scale

See our Business Process Intelligence Solutions in action! Find out how to design intelligent processes that support cloud transformations, flexible business models, and automation at scale. Plus, see how a collaborative, data-driven approach can help you better understand, align, standardize, and streamline key business processes.

Alessandro Manzi - VP Product, Process Intelligence

Wassilios Lolas - Global Vice President, Center of Excellence and Solution Management, Business Process Intelligence

Final Q&A

BPI Experts

In our final Q&A session, our BPI experts will be answering your questions live. This is your chance to see some of the BPI Tour 2021 presenter on stage, together, ready to take your questions and get your feedback. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Closing Remarks

Dr. Gero Decker - Co-founder & CEO, Signavio and General Manager Business Process Intelligence, SAP
Rouven Morato - General Manager Business Process Intelligence, SAP

Your Moderator -
Jan vom Brocke

Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke will guide you as moderator through our virtual event - the Business Process Intelligence Tour 2021.

With presentations and interviews of the world’s top thought leaders and organizations, Business Process Intelligence Tour, featuring SAP and Signavio solutions, is an unmissable virtual business transformation and process management event in 2021.

Get ready for four hours of hyper-localized content from experts and partners specifically designed to reflect and address the needs of customers and prospects, no matter where they are in the world. Covering business transformation, process management, automation, customer and operational excellence, and much more, Business Process Intelligence Tour provides the insights you need to start improving the way your business works — right now.