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business decision management blog image - pile of coins

Business Decision Management: A Practical Introduction

Tax compliance with decision making

How to Unlock the Value of Business Decisions

collaborative process management - two women using post-it notes

Collaborative Process Management & the Wisdom of the Crowd

positive customer experience blog image

Why Positive Customer Experience is Vital to Business Success

BPMN modeling conventions header image - computer with process model

BPMN Modeling Conventions: A Comprehensive Guide

process management and New Year's resolution blog image - calendar and magnifying glass

Process Management and New Year's Resolutions

future of process in 2020

20/20 vision: The future of process in 2020 with Dr. Gero Decker

Process Mining for Banks blog header image - glasses on paper blue

Expert Tips on Process Mining for Banks

Process Mining for Banks blog header image - glasses on paper magenta

5 Reasons Process Mining is Essential for Banks

rpa implementation challenges blog image - robot ticking boxes

How To Overcome RPA Implementation Challenges

Connecting BPM with EAM blog image - trucks

Connecting BPM with EAM: A Match Made in Process Heaven

risk management using an ics - rock climber

Risk Management Using an ICS is Your Secret Weapon

Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Velocity Edition

Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Velocity Edition

Assessing BPM maturity - dusty wine bottle

Assessing BPM Maturity: Understanding the 7 Core Capabilities

growing your business with process management blog header image

Growing Your Business With Process Management

process management for government header image - building with columns

Process Management for Government: Doing More With Less

Successful quality management blog checklist image

Leveraging processes for successful quality management

process mining can save your business

Process Mining Can Save Your Business: From Transformation to RPA and CJM

lightbulb header image for Common Arguments Against Process Management blog

How to Beat Common Arguments Against Process Management

tactics for achieving bpm buy-in header image - lightbulbs

Tactics for Achieving BPM Buy-In From Your Colleagues

common roles needed for successful BPM

7 Common Roles Needed for Successful BPM

effective process simulation crystal ball on keyboard

Effective Process Simulation: Making Processes Crystal Clear

Prozessmanagement bei Taifun-Tofu - Bild von Valentin Jäger

Natural balance: How sustainable process management can support a strong corporate culture

Defining Business Process Intelligence For Better Performance

Defining Business Process Intelligence For Better Performance

damage customer satisfaction blog image -happy and sad smiley faces

5 Signs Your Processes May Damage Customer Satisfaction

Signavio live blog post

Global premiere: Signavio Live, coming to a screen near you

Signavio GDPR Resource Center

Signavio GDPR Resource Center: The Global GDPR 2019 Influencer

10 years process change and insight

Signavio: 10 Years of Process Management

Customer Excellence Disney

Excellence Equals Everyone Engaged!

Process health - runner tying shoes

Process Health in Your Organization: Preparing for Excellence

scrunched up paper around light bulb - process mistakes blog

Learning From Your Process Mistakes

customer excellence

Customer Excellence set to become the new business imperative

Automotive Industry Processes 2019

Disruptive… Transformative… Next-Gen Automotive Industry Processes

Experiences with process mining 2019

Mining gold (processes): Practical experiences with process mining 2019

Process Discovery-person in suit digging hole in ground and data shooting out

Stop mining and start discovering with Business Process Discovery

OpEx and CX - Image a clock with the time changing from 12.20

It’s Not Over: The Disconnect Between OpEx and CX

What the GDPR means for you in 2019

« Rewind after reading: What the GDPR means for you in 2019

BPM and blockchain blog image

Beware These Common BPM and Blockchain Fallacies

Tech Spectrum™ Leader 2019 sign

“Compelling new leader”: Signavio is a Tech Spectrum™ Leader 2019

challenges to IT convergence

Beyond 'Business as Usual': 4 Challenges to IT Convergence in 2019

building an RPA workforce blog image

HR for Robots: Building an RPA Workforce with Signavio

new bpm tool blog image

Just Right: How To Select The New BPM Tool You Need

2019 BPM predictions blog image

The future is... now | Dr. Gero Decker’s 2019 BPM predictions

2019 business strategy blog - balloon pop

3 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your 2019 Business Strategy

Timer whirring - effective operational excellence

It’s Not Over: Effective Operational Excellence in a Climate of Constant Change

Failed it! Book

3 Easy Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Customer Journey Maps

matches burn for digital transformation and paperless simplicity

Burning the Paper Trail: 5 Reasons for Digital Transformation and Paperless Simplicity

decision fatigue blog post image

The Dangers of Decision Fatigue

combining collaboration compliance dust image

Why Collaboration is Essential to Compliance

challenges for telco companies - mobile in a hand

Top 5 Challenges for Telco Companies: How BPM Can Help

bpm theory to practice blog post - hotel image

BPM Theory to Practice with Signavio and Hasselt University

Business Greatness - Person on mountain

Discover Your Way to Business Greatness

Customer journeys as a strategic imperative map

En Route to Success: Customer Journeys as a Strategic Imperative

operational excellence enterprise readiness model stars image

What is the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness Model?

procure to pay process improvement

Procure to Pay Process Improvement: A Signavio Investigation

Aragon Research Hot Vendor™ logo

Record-Breaking Signavio Wins Another "Aragon Research Hot Vendor™" Award in Customer Journey Mapping!

bpm solutions blog image mark mcgregor interview

BPM Solutions: The Evolution of Business Process Management

Fattening the Pig: The Importance of Measuring Process Improvements

Workflow Management

What is Workflow Management?

process management in the pharmaceutical industry - filling test tubes in a laboratory

What’s Up, Doc? An In-Depth Look At Harnessing Process Management In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Challenges of Digitalization for Banks - Bankers stand in an office

OpEx and the Challenges of Digitalization for Banks

process repository blog image

Enterprise-Level Impact: 5 Steps to a Better Process Repository

Operational Efficiency-illustration of two people in suits and VR finanzdienstleistung's logo

Operational Efficiency in the Banking & Finance Sector

cloud native technology white paper cover image

Cloud Native Technology Makes Process Management Better

Consumer loyalty neon sign

The Wild Card: How Companies Punish Consumer Loyalty

Brand awareness neon sign showing I am bold

Brand Awareness and (In)Fidelity: The Battle for Consumer Loyalty

the power of digital transformation - man doing a karate kick in the air

Flex Your (Business) Muscles With Digital Transformation

risk and controls framework cover image

Getting Started on Your Process-Oriented Risk and Controls Framework

Successful RPA Implementation Blog Image

Rogue Robots: 5 Common Challenges to RPA Implementation

Roger Burlton blog - building business agility with BPM

Leap Into Building Business Agility with BPM

customer experience blog post image

Moments of Magic: Upgrade Customer Experience with CJM

supply chain ecosystems cassette

Children of the Revolution: Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Ecosystems

industry 4.0 success cassette

Don’t Look Back in Anger: Reaching the Oasis of Industry 4.0 Success

process mining project roles working together photo

4 Process Mining Project Roles You Need...Plus One You Don't

ERP Transformation tactics - Man planning for a football strategy on blackboard

ERP Transformation: The game changer in entERPrise success

design thinking and bpm - michael rosemann picture

Design thinking and BPM: A match made in heaven

name business processes

How To Name Business Processes Using One Word (It's Scope)

Business and It Alignment

The Importance of Business and IT Alignment

Digital transformation retail sector - Robot with a tool in his hand

Digital Transformation | What’s happening in the traditional retail sector today?

last minute gdpr - clock boat and gate

A New Chapter: All Your Last Minute GDPR Needs

Beyond the GDPR Deadline

Beyond the GDPR Deadline: Squash That Bug

DSGVO-Umsetzung durch Prozessmanagement

GDPR Implementation in 4 Steps!

Signavio GDPR Resources

All-Action Hero: Signavio vs. The GDPR

Data breach notification and the GDPR

Data Breach Notification & the GDPR

Boat tries to reach the GDPR goal in stormy seas

The 6 biggest changes in the GDPR you should know!

GDPR overview - countdown clock and date

GDPR Overview: Countdown to the General Data Protection Regulation

The manufacturing bpm increases

BPM: The Adrenaline of Manufacturing

Naming business processes presentation on a conference

The Top 5 Mistakes You Can Make When Naming Business Processes

About BPM for banks - Mark Holenstein (COO Signavio)

BPM for banks and financial institutions, with Signavio COO Mark Holenstein

Client Assets Regulation officers in discussion

Client Assets Regulation with Signavio


We’ve got soul, man – SAP® integration

BPMN training image

Five Things Signavio BPMN Training Will NEVER Do

Process Mining in Practice - Photo of Henny Selig

Process mining expert interview: Henny Selig

solving the backfire effect - data migration to Signavio image

Solving the backfire effect with BPM

2020 BPM trends tablet with graph

2018 BPM trends: What you need to know

Design Thinking - An open box radiates light

Design Thinking: Unleash Your Innovation

From Best Practice to Next Practice - A light bulb sits above an arrow pointing to tomorrow

From Best Practice to Next Practice

hexagonal blocks in a chain

Blockchain - just a buzz word, or BPM's newest ally?

efficiency vs effectiveness a suited man with eight arms performs multiple tasks

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: The Battle of the 'effs'

robotic process automation- a worker lays a road

Robotic Process Automation: Potholes in the road

process mapping-a man presses buttons on glass

Embark on your process mapping journey

Process Intelligence Superhero -A businessman pulling open his shirt to reveal the Signavio logo.

Can Process Intelligence really give you superpowers?

Robotic Process Automation - A white metallic robotic hand types on a computer keyboard

Robotic Process Automation—Robots as Subject Matter Experts

Employee talks to colleagues about improving productivity with BPM

Improving employee productivity—and how BPM can help!

7 Step to Risk & Compliance - Number 7 with couple on a path

7 Steps to Risk & Compliance

7 steps to Operational Excellence - Number 7 with path to island

7 Steps to Operational Excellence

7 steps to Business Transformation guide - number 7 with path to rocket ship

7 Steps to Business Transformation

Laptop with screenshot of customer journey mapping tool

What is a Customer Journey Map and Why Do You Need One?

Business Process Maturity Model

How Business Process Maturity Models Help Your BPM Initiative Succeed

Modern Compliance Management - Gavel resting beside book

Change as a Constant in Modern Compliance Management

employee explains the change from process mapping to process modeling and shows it via iPad

How TAB Bank Went From Process Mapping to Process Management and You Can Too

BPM with people-centric process management

How to Develop People-Centric Process Management

Signavio Webinars: Best Practices and BPM Trends

Cloud Service - Man with Signavio Cloud in hand

SaaS is Better than On-Premise?!

Digital transformation retail sector - Robot with a tool in his hand

In Times of Change – Digital Business Transformation

BPM software trends

BPM Software Trends in 2017

Resolving the compliance/customer experience challenge - man in front of a computer

Compliance & Customer Experience: Resolving the Conflict

Continuous Improvement for Business Transformation - Process improvement team in front of an Ipad

Taking Control of Continuous Improvement for Business Transformation

compliance-standards - interview with cip alpha CEO Guido Lange

Compliance standards: Interview with Guido Lange, cip alpha

compliance and customer experience - man in front of a computer

Compliance & Customer Experience: a Crucial Relationship

BPM-driven Innovation-Typing on Card Reader

BPM-driven Innovation in the Financial Services Sector

Trump's Impact on Regulatory Compliance - US Congress

The Trump Administration's Impact on Regulatory Compliance

APAC compliance challenges - man in front of a computer

Compliance & Customer Experience: Top Compliance Challenges for APAC Financial Institutions

Brexit and the reshaping of GDPR

Brexit and the GDPR - Do Updates in EU Data Protection Legislation Still Apply to UK Businesses?

Replatforming in a collaborative group

Replatforming and Beyond: Process Management for Product Developers

regulatory compliance - business man sitting of his notebook

Compliance & Customer Experience: Exploring APAC's Regulatory Compliance Context

Compliance meeting of two people

Compliance today; a Nuisance or a Necessity?

ISO 9001:2015 webinar: Blue ISO folder laying on a table

Performance Assessment in line with ISO 9001:2015

collaborative bpm at aok

“For me, BPM is a further development of the company culture.”

process thinking insurance: digital display

Process Thinking in Insurance Part 2

bpm in the digital world shining globe surrounded by digital icons

Three Ways BPM Must Change to Reflect the Digital World

Process Thinking European Insurance - Glasses laying on a table, people talking in the background

Process Thinking in European Insurance

Banking compliance solution watching thru BPM and BDM glasses - glasses lying on a table

Singapore’s Banking Compliance Professional Shortage: how BPM and BDM solutions help you do more with less

bpm-interview-verka: Portrait Claudia Ibe-Göhler

BPM Interview: Verka VK

Design Thinking BPM-Two designers thinking about a design in front of a notebook

Realizing Great CX: Design Thinking and BPM

Man follows the BPMN E-Learning course in front of his computer

BPMN E-Learning: Become a Modeling Professional

People in discussion: Customer interview Berliner Woche

BPM Customer Interview: "Berliner Woche"

BPM digital age: people discussing data sheets

BPM in the Digital Age

Rebooting Your BPM initiatives - 2 direction- arrows on the floor

4 Telltale Signs You Should Reboot Your BPM Initiatives

Workflow management with spreadsheets - a watch in parts

Identifying spreadsheets that are really workflows

BPM for Business Opportunities - opened swiss knive with all tool features

Business Opportunities: BPM as Your Business' Navigation Partner

Difference Workflow vs. Business Process Management

The difference between workflow and business process management

The ROI for replacing email with workflow notifications

Doctor and patient, discussing

University of Applied Sciences shares its Signavio project experience

BPM is a part of your everyday - but what is it really all about?

Easy transfer - Camera connected to computer

Reducing Vendor Lock-in with DMN™ 1.1

BPM for shared service - office with employees working on phone and computer

5 Characteristics of Shared Services Centre Unicorns - and how to implement in your centre

Climber- Health and Safety at work

HSWA what? Practical tips for tackling HSWA 2015 for businesses

Business transformation blog post image - butterfly emerging from chrysalis

3 Questions Every Business Transformation Leader Needs to Answer

Workflow Management for HR

Workflow management for business operations

How to Develop a Business Process

The Process Model Repository of the Future

Minimum Viable Process is the new MVP

Workflow management at an insurer

Prototyping executable process models

Adding case management to your productivity toolset

Nailing software products

What spreadsheets can teach us about workflow

Email and the future of conversations

Use your time for the really important topics

Why you should consider workflow management

There’s more than one kind of database

Four kinds of business process software

KLANN Packaging GmbH Runs Core Workflows in the Cloud with Effektif

Press Release: Effektif Adds Open Source Workflow to its Cloud BPM Solution

Open sourcing a new type of BPM system

Salesforce workflow integration

Effektif in university lectures

Choose for change

Cloud forces BPM to become easy

The 5 minute promise

Effektif: BPM veteran Tom Baeyens takes off to the cloud by securing € 1.2m funding by Signavio

Hello Cloud - lifting BPM to the next level

As simple as possible