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Using an external web service for EU VAT number validation

Scheduled workflows - warehouse robots

Automatically starting scheduled workflows

Process Mining in Practice - Photo of Henny Selig

Process mining expert interview: Henny Selig

A quality control officer stands in a factory

Automatic workflow quality control tasks

Hands on customer journey maps modeling

Web service integration: updating an external database from a workflow

DocuSign workflow - hand with pen signing a document

DocuSign Workflow Integration for Document Signing

process milestone model on laptop screen with skyline in the bacjkground

Process Milestones for Workflow Execution Status Visibility

Multi-instance user tasks - Man in front of a group of employees

Multi-instance user tasks in Workflow Accelerator

process simulation - little robot standing next to a notebook

Future state process simulation - why & how

10 Workflow examples on a notebook screen

10 Workflow Examples for Signavio Workflow Accelerator

business days calculation workflow - cleaned desk for vacation

How to build a business days calculation workflow

Signavio Webinars: Best Practices and BPM Trends

enterprise architecture modeling on a screen

Enterprise architecture modeling for business process professionals

vacation handovers - paper was given from one hand to another

Smooth vacation handovers with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Business rules management for domain experts

Workflow Integration - man with four arms sitting in front of a laptop

Integrating a workflow with external web services

Integrating a spreadsheet with a workflow

Visualizing Business Process KPIs

Product Lifecycle Management - Man working on a car engine

Product Lifecycle Management with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Scheduling Internal Controls - Workflow -Worker in front of a workflow screen

Automatically Scheduling Internal Controls with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

regulatory compliance: Glasses laying on a table, people discussing in the background

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy with Custom Attributes

Process-oriented Requirements Engineering

How to automate your ‘four-eye’ approvals in Signavio Workflow

Bpm_subsets: Glasses_Laying_on_a_table

Making Your Stakeholders' Lives Easier with BPMN Subsets

How to automate your training course workflow - 2 employees sitting iin front of a computer

Managing training course delivery with Signavio Workflow

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions - Young man in front of a computer

Using Signavio to configure SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

How to automatically trigger a workflow- finger gesture on a mobile device

How to automatically trigger a workflow with form data

BPM-Basics: Glases-laying-on-a-table

BPM Basics: Multiple Ways to Start a Process

Collaborative BPM - Team around a table discuss new business processes

Embracing collaborative BPM

Farmer gathering on his field: Gathering your own crop in modern times can mean, dogfooding a publishing workflow

Dogfooding publishing workflow automation at Signavio

Process-Oriented Risk Management: Process-Oriented Risk Management: Glasses laying on a note book

Hands-On Process-Oriented Risk Management

Saving time and money by automating status updates

Know Your Customer banking processes in Signavio Workflow

Variant Management

How to manage process variants

Business rules execution from DMN in Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Building custom activity types using sub-processes

Business Process Models - Glasses on a Model Spreadsheet

Business process models: criteria for quality assessment

BPMN Pools and Lanes

Understanding BPMN Pools and Lanes

Process mapping value pen with notepad image

Process mapping basics: conclusions & next steps

Process mapping value pen with notepad image

From process documentation to process execution

Process mapping value pen with notepad image

Process mapping basics: hassle vs value

Spreadsheet-based BPMN modeling with Signavio’s BPM QuickModel

Process mapping basics: roles

Using approval workflows to ensure diagram quality

Process mapping basics: events

Simulating business decisions using a set of possible values as input parameters

Process mapping basics: tasks

Using the Signavio Dictionary to facilitate consistency and reusability of object definitions

Decision Modeling and the Breakthrough Power of the Multi Instance Decision (MID)

A map

Introduction to process mapping

Managing the Complex Decision Logic of Business Processes with DMN

Improving Process Models with Modeling Conventions

Onboarding employees with Signavio Workflow

Project management with Signavio Workflow

Approving expense claims with Signavio Workflow

Signavio Process Editor integration

Membership Approval - letting people join your club

Signing contracts with Signavio Workflow

Triage - modelling big decisions

The case for workflow modelling patterns

Email notification patterns

Collaboration workflow patterns

Decision gateway variables

Form fields with multiple values

2015 review & Effektif plans for 2016

Document workflow patterns

Approval workflow modeling patterns

Vacation request - so you can go and sit on a tropical beach

The ‘Hello, World!’ of process modelling

Box.com integration

I’ve documented my processes, what’s next?

Google Cloud Print Integration

Responding to customer email enquiries

Getting BPM up and running - applying process models

How to choose which process to automate first

Five results of executing processes in Effektif

The third part of business process modelling

Filling job vacancies with Signavio Workflow

One-minute approval process screencast

Adding a check to increase workflow success rate

Using case name templates to identify orders

Purchase order fulfilment

Supply chain example - shipping products

Hire employee screencast

Hiring employees with Signavio Workflow

Invoice processing screencast

Customer invoice processing with late payment reminders

Insurance example - screencast

Using role-based assignment in Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Workflow management for insurances

Insurance example - processing a claim

Salesforce integration tutorial

Salesforce integration screencast